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Roof Maintenance

Maintain that Roof!

It is recommended that, in addition to home owner steps to maintain your roof, you hire a qualified professional like Sawtooth Roofing to inspect your roof annually. If you have a hole in your roof or if you need a whole new roof, Sawtooth Roofing is happy to help. Sawtooth professionals can be scheduled annually to maintain your roof and prevent problems before they become expensive repairs.

A healthy roof keeps you covered winter, spring, summer and fall. Your roof will keep you dry and cozy in our wet climate, so it is crucial to keep on top of it.

Here are some simple ways to maintain a healthy roof for as long as possible:

1. Wet Roof

Roof damage from leaky overflowing gutters? Water needs to shed away from the roof. If gutter water is overflowing, the wet too easily can make its way underneath your roofing structure. Keep your gutters in good repair and clean them regularly. By doing this simple step you will lesson the potential for water damage to the deck, damage to insulation and seepage into the walls.

2. Best Roof Surfaces

What roofing is best? There are many: metal roofing, shingles, slate, solar tiles, stone-coated steel, rubber slate, clay or concrete tiles, green, built-up roofing. Whatever your roofing composition, the best roofing is the one that is regularly maintained. Keep a lookout for missing or damaged surfaces or roof sealant. Simply keeping the surface of your roof free of dirt and tree debris can also reduce roof water collection in the Pacific Northwest. Should you notice worn, damaged or missing shingles on your roof, you must act fast. The professionals at Sawtooth Roofing can help you check your roof’s integrity and rid it of the likes of algae, moss, fungal and lichen growth.

3. Sealing your roof

In our area, sealing a roof without properly dealing with potential wet will ruin it. Be very cautious about sealing in wetness or worse problems can take root. Signs of cracking or wear and tear need to be dealt with quickly by removing the old sealant completely.

4. Branches over your roof

Our Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful trees. However, trees that are growing too closely to your home or hanging over your roof need to be trimmed. As a result of trimming your trees, you will alleviate falling leaves which tend to collect on the roof, hold in moisture, mildew, mold, and make rot more likely. Your roof nemesis is leaves, needles and dirt making the roof surface much weaker.

4. Rusted Roof

It’s the Pacific Northwest and there will be rust! Any metal must be inspected regularly, and possibly rubbing a wire-brush across the surface of the metal piece to remove the rust buildup.

6. Ice on the Roof

In the Pacific Northwest your roof won’t see much ice build up. However, a roof already compromised by water damage left unchecked is costly and may ruin it. Next to regular inspection, insulation is one of the best ways to fight off ice buildup and keep your roof doing what it needs to by shedding water into the gutters and not freezing when it encounters cold or less insulated parts of your roof.

7. Maintain Your Chimney

Cracked or missing mortar on/in your chimney could result in brick damage compromising the integrity of your roof if not repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Sawtooth Roofing professionals are happy to help you come up with a plan to maintain your roof and keep it lasting longer.

  • Complete cleaning and removal of leaves, pine needles, and other natural debris
  • Removal of moss and treatment for moss growth
  • Repair or replace broken or loose shingles
  • Check any/all flashing
  • Completely clean and flush your gutter and downspout system
  • Complete roof inspection

Re-roofing, Replacing or Regular maintenance Sawtooth Roofing delivers quality roofing for your home and investment. Our professional service, quality materials and 50 year workmanship warranties are at your service.

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