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When you are shopping around for any type of construction contractor, it's always smart to get several price estimates. This will assure you of having a good idea of how much a project is going to cost you. Smart shoppers also obtain written references and actually take the time to check them out. If the vendor you are considering offers a portfolio of project photos, be sure to review them carefully. Spend a while reading the fine print of any proffered warrantee. If one contractor offers only a five-year guarantee on a product that should last thirty years or more, it's not a very reliable guarantee. The process of choosing a contractor to do your roofing in Portland is no exception to these rules.

Do a web search or flip open a phone book and you are bound to find hundreds of companies that do roofing in Portland. Trouble is, it's fairly easy to paint a nice sign, buy a truck and call yourself an expert in roofing in Portland. After a major storm, it is common for unscrupulous hustlers to go door-to-door offering to fix roof damage for an unbelievably low price. Please don't fall for this scam. If you don't ask for it but you're offered cut-price roofing in Portland, chances are it's some sort of scam. Unfortunately, a lot of people -especially senior citizens- have been fooled into giving money to door-to-door scammers offering roofing in Portland. Some people have cut a fat check "for materials" or something, and then never seen their roofing in Portland materialize. It's a shame that there are phony hustlers offering roofing in Portland, but that's just how things sometimes are. Protect yourself by only dealing with reputable, licensed roofing contractors in Portland or wherever else you happen to be.

We are Sawtooth Roofing and we have been providing certified and insured roofing in Portland since 1995. The combined experience of our roofing crew adds up to about fifty years. There is no aspect to roofing in Portland that our guys can't do and do quite well. If you have driven through a nice neighborhood and said to yourself, "that's a very nice roof", chances are good that roof was made by Sawtooth Roofing. Portland homeowners know that when they need excellent roofing, Sawtooth is the company to call. Right now, while you're thinking about it, save one or both of these phone numbers into your phone or mobile device: 503.258.8017 or 360.892.8448. When you have these numbers handy, the roofing experts at Sawtooth Roofing are only a phone call away. Your home is a huge investment and your roof protects your entire house. If your roof goes wrong, nothing about your house will be right until your roof is repaired. Call to schedule a free estimate.

Roofers Portland Or
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