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When you are shopping for a roofing contractor, please be aware that not all roofers in Portland, Oregon are created equal. While there are surely decent roofers in Portland, Oregon, there are also many that are fly-by-night operations that will take your money and disappear into the rain. If you need good roofers in Portland, Oregon, go with a company that will provide you with written testimonials and color pictures of the roofing work that they have done around the Portland and Vancouver area. We will do that for you. We are Sawtooth Roofing and we have been doing wonderful things with Pacific Northwest roofs since 1995.

There are several popular roofing materials and styles used in this area. Asphalt composition shingles are probably the most common type of roof material found in Portland. They are more or less inexpensive to install and to maintain. They are virtually impervious to water and are very easy to repair. Those are the upsides. The disadvantages to asphalt composition roofs? They have a relatively short life span of only about fifteen to thirty years. They are also bad for the environment both during the manufacturing process and when dumped in landfills.

Many historic homes in Portland have beautiful wood shingle or shake roofs. While these do take a fair amount of trees to make, they are the most recyclable of all major roofing types. Roofers in Portland, Oregon will tell you that wood shingle or shake roofs are expensive, but most people that have shakes on their roof wouldn't want to have any other type of roofing material atop their home. Shakes provide more insulation than other roofing types. Wood shingles afford the most natural look of any roofing material. As they age, the shakes turn to a lovely soft gray color which blends beautifully with most architectural styles.

Roofers in Portland, Oregon do not get a lot of calls about tile roofs. While charming red tile roofs are very popular in the American Southwest, they are not used much in the Pacific Northwest. There are, however, plenty of advantages to tile roofs-- they last just about forever, as long as you never walk on them. They are impervious to water and sun damage and are rarely disturbed by wind. Tile roofs are fireproof and simple to maintain. Slate roofs are also quite lovely, but, as with red tile, roofers in Portland, Oregon don't do a lot of business with them.

No matter what your roof is made of, Sawtooth Roofing are the roofers in Portland, Oregon for you. If you would like a free inspection and estimate for any work that needs to be done, please call us at 503.258.8017 or 360.892.8448. If you are reading this in the middle of the night, leave your info on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you shortly.

Roofers Portland Oregon
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