Roofing Contractor Portland Or

You know, if you do an online search for a roofing contractor in Portland, you will come up with tens of thousands of results. If you have a couple of weeks to wade through them all, have fun with it. If you are, like most Oregonians, a bit too busy for that, do yourself a favor and choose Sawtooth Roofing as your roofing contractor in Portland. We have been doing good business as Sawtooth since 1995, and we know how to do the job right the first time. We only employ roofing experts who are well versed in all aspects of roof inspection, repair and maintenance. If you are just now building your home, hire Sawtooth Roofing to install your roof and you will be assured of having a top-quality roof protecting your house. If you have an older roof, have us do a thorough inspection to look for any deterioration or damage. We can even clean your rain gutters and downspouts while we're up there. The best way to make certain your roof never springs a leak is to stay on top of the situation, so to speak. Most people don't give their roof a second thought, until something drips down on them in the middle of the night. By the time that happens, your roof problem may be big and expensive to fix. Better that you should have your valuable roof professionally inspected at least one time a year. If we do your inspection at the beginning of winter, we can remove all those autumn leaves that have collected in your rain gutters. Might as well have us do both things at once, to save time and money. Knowing that your roof is in excellent repair will prevent all sorts of headaches that may be associated with a cracked or leaking roof.

It doesn't matter what your roof is made of. If you need a reputable and competent roofing contractor in Portland, Sawtooth Roofing is the company for the job. A lot of companies will tell you, "no job too big or too small", but in our case, we really mean it. We can build, replace or repair any type of roof. We are specialists in shake shingles, asphalt composition and slate roofs. If you have a metal or red tile roof, we can manage that, as well. We are not Portland's premiere roofing contractor by accident. We have earned the solid reputation that we enjoy today. We use only the finest roofing materials and we stand behind every job that we do. If you would like to schedule an inspection or a free estimate, please call Sawtooth Roofing at 503.258.8017 or 360.892.8448. We look forward to building a lasting business relationship with you.


Roofing Contractor Portland Or
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