Roofing Portland Oregon

Do you know the thing that may be the most important part of your house? It's your roofing. Portland, Oregon is a wonderful place in which to live, but if your roof goes wrong, you won't be having a very good time. Roofing in Portland, Oregon (or anywhere else) is a vital component to any structure that is intended for occupancy. Try to imagine your house with no roofing in Portland, Oregon. With the amount of glorious rain we receive every year, your house would become a swimming pool in no time at all. On hot sunny days, a house without roofing in Portland, Oregon (or anywhere else) would become a greenhouse. Sure, it's lovely to watch the stars at night, but do you really want bats flying around your bedroom once you turn out the lights? It would likely happen, if you didn't have proper roofing in Portland, Oregon.  

You have probably seen our red and white trucks rolling around Portland and Vancouver. That's because we're always busy. Busy with the business of roofing Portland, Oregon. We are industry experts when it comes to designing and building a brand new roof. We know how to perform a thorough inspection of existing roofs. If you have a rotten old roof that needs to come down and be replaced, we can do that. If you have a more or less decent roof with just a few patches of dryrot, we can fix it without tearing off your entire roof. If you've lost a few shingles to a thunderstorm, we can replace them with matching shingles. We have years of experience with asphalt-composite roofs, slate roofs, cedar shake roofs and metal roofs. If you have a lovely red tile roof, we can take care of it, too. In fact, there is nothing about roofing in Portland, Oregon that Sawtooth Roofing can't do.

When you combine the experience of our roofing crew, it adds up to about fifty years. We have been doing business as Sawtooth Roofing since 1995. During this time we have built thousands of quality roofs and we have artfully repaired even more than that. Most of our clients arrange to have Sawtooth come at least once a year to inspect their roof and clean their rain gutters and downspouts. The weeks after the leaves stop falling is an excellent time to keep an appointment with Sawtooth Roofing. Portland, Oregon homeowners in the know call 503.258.8017 or 360.892.8448 for all their Portland roofing needs. Call us now or, if you prefer, you may leave your callback number and email address at our Contact Us page. Be sure to request a free by-mail brochure. In it, you will view colorful examples of some of our best work. If you leave your contact info, we will get back to you the very next business day.

Roofing Portland Oregon
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